The creation of stainless steel products takes several elements to produce a quality-finished product. Of those elements, the number one ingredient to produce a quality stainless steel product is “PASSION”.

RJ Fabricators is built on that ingredient. The passion that has come with the inception of RJ Fabricators was preceded by the companies’ humble beginnings as J&L Metal Products out of a small workshop, with the immediate focus of providing the best custom stainless steel products. The creator Jim Ciarletta incepted the idea for such a company. The one time Marine during the Korean War and celebrated football player, who’s sports aspirations were cut short by injury.

Through a twist of fate, Jim landed in a learning position as a driver for Duray Inc formely known as S&D Metal. During that time, Jim was becoming increasingly familiar and interested in stainless steel products from making consistent deliveries to a growing “Fish & Chips” restaurant chain establishment. The deliveries were becoming more and more frequent, as business continued to flourish Jim became increasingly aware of the new opportunities. One of the most prominent of the opportunities was his notion to not only participate in the delivery but also offer his services to install the products. Through discussion with his current employer Jack Durwood an agreement was reached that he would become an outside entity to handle the service of installation of all equipment delivered.

In realizing the potential of the business and the confidence to attack such a project. Jim approached his good friend Lynn Ellard in efforts of developing a partnership to forge ahead with the business. After a successful union, J&L Installations was born. Within a year of this union, Jim realized, “We not only can install them, we can make these!” During the course of the next two years the business began to flourish and the company out grew the original partnership and Jim was left with the sole responsibility for the entire operation.

What happened next, paved the way for the future of the company. Jim took on a new partner in the name of Ray Torrence. The initial partnership was for J&L Metal Products, at which time the name remained the same as the company had developed a strong base with a solid reputation.

As the years continued, so did the growth and demand for stainless steel products. Becoming popular during these years was pre-fabricated stainless steel products, which many companies were inquiring about and J&L was actually in the process of building. Realizing the growing need for the same high quality of J&L custom products that were lower in retail cost while mass produced, RJ Fabricators was born out of the same brainchild as J&L with the R and J standing for Ray & Jim, the companies to creators with Jim's son, Jay managing & operating the entire company.

During the next few years, business was consistent and hit a plateau, the very same ingredient, which sparked the growth and flourished J&L Metal, RJ fabricators needed. Jim realized this and began the process of developing a business entity that showcased what the company was about. Ever since the companies inception Jim was a firm believer and had strong ties with the United States as not only a place of residence, but also a place of personality and values. Those values were out of the heart he had for his country and everything that was to come out of his business was celebrated as an American made company. From an outsider looking in, creating a company from scratch and making it flourish is what Americans are built on, which is why the allure of our land is so appealing to everyone.

The second of the two entities that Jim focused on was family; a business such as J&L Metal Products and now RJ Fabricators had such strong roots due to family support and involvement. In the family process of things, Jim’s son Jay Ciarletta began the learning process of the business from the ground up, just as his father. Fate has a funny way of playing with destiny, as Jay was also an avid sports participant in Baseball similar to his fathers past association with football, his career was cut short due to injury. Leaving an open door for the same PASSION both had for their sports, channeled into the operation and success of the business.

Over the next several years, RJ Fabricators distinguished itself as a prominent business away from the companies’ big brother of J&L metal. During those formative years for RJ fabricators, Ray had sold his entity of the business to Jim & Jay, leaving the company in sole family ownership as fate would have it, as previously was the case with J&L. RJ Fabricators was now in full swing with control being handled by the founders son Jay, through all the pitfalls and success, the company maintained a slow growth process which nurtured the strong roots of both companies and solidified their market share. The progression that followed was out of the need for the quality product, RJ Fabricators discovered and created new ways to shorten the time of fabrication by 65% setting the standard for competitors to follow, while not compromising the quality the company & customers prided RJ Fabricators on.

Today both companies are ran by Jim’s son Jay, with family support and equaled passion with the contributions from the daughters of the founder Jan and Jill Ciarletta. The humble beginnings of the companies have seen the smallest of shops, while today’s business runs out of the shared 70,000 Sqft building for RJ Fabricators and J&L Metal Products.

The need for quality products on several different levels, from Top of the Economy included with many options is created by this rich history. Everything that comes from the business is built from these roots, the customer service, the sales representation, the prices, the quality and the passion ingredient, which is what all RJ Fabricator stainless steel products are created from and about.